About Us

Upendix makes it easy to find information. It gathers articles and links, and groups them under topics.

So, for example, if you wanted to study up on 'Climate Change' you could search it and trawl through the results. Or, you could open the topic on Upendix. Here you are immediately presented with articles, how-to's, reviews and comments. You can filter, sort and join in the conversation. You could add your own articles, or just read up, gain a perspective, and become an expert.

Upendix is self-governing, to submit an article you must peer-review other submitted articles. Anyone can create a topic or add a new article or link, however other users will review your submissions before they are published. Oh, and no logins! We beleive in an open web, this isn't about building your social status. It's about sharing information and building a resource for everyone.

If you write blogs, create videos, post guides or pen any sort of articles then Upendix can drive traffic to your content. Post your links under a relevant topic for it to be seen.

Upendix is still in an early release. We are just getting started. If you see anything amiss or want to ask us a question, reach out to us via the contact page.

Upendix - a single page overview of everything.

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