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Sacrificing your home to build wealth: How to succeed at Rent-vesting

It's highly likely that you've heard about the concept of rent-vesting, but do you know what it actually takes to succeed with this strategy? As an investing idea, this one is as old as the hills - some property investors have been using this strategy for years (if not decades) to get ahead in the property game.

The truth behind apartment oversupply

Despite reports to the contrary, an oversupply crisis is not looming over Melbourne's property industry. Yes, the demand for tiny apartments in the CBD and Docklands might dwindle in years to come, but the term 'oversupply' shouldn't be applied to the whole of Melbourne where the demand for larger, high-quality units is growing year on year.

Top 10 Sydney suburbs for 2017

The 10 suburbs in one major capital city which investors should be watching in 2017 have been revealed. Douglas Driscoll, CEO of real estate agency Starr Partners has compiled the list which he says will provide property buyers and owners "with insights into the suburbs that will boom - or in some cases, continue to boom - in the upcoming year.

Believe it or not- Sydney housing affordability best in years

Housing affordability is clearly improving in Sydney although the outlook for first home buyers remains bleak. Sydney's property owners have enjoyed another positive year overall for prices growth although results have been typically mixed between regions, price ranges and dwelling types.

About - The Property Couch

Bryce Holdaway Ben Kingsley Who are we? The Property Couch is a podcast hosted by two of Australia's Property Experts, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley. This Podcast is about helping people make smart property investment decisions. Why we are doing this?

Real estate disruption to watch in 2017

With the September launch of low-cost, high-tech UK estate agents Purplebricks in Australia, the country's real estate sector had its big " Uber moment". Be it selling or buying a house, investing in property, finding a tenant or selling your home at auction, Purplebricks is just one of a host of new players looking to grab a slice of the real estate pie by doing things cheaper, faster and more efficiently.

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