Property Investment (Australia)

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This topic covers Property Investment in Australia. It pulls together resources and the latest news and knowledge to provide a quick update on the market, recommendations, guides and discussions for property investors in Australia.

Real estate disruption to watch in 2017

With the September launch of low-cost, high-tech UK estate agents Purplebricks in Australia, the country's real estate sector had its big " Uber moment". Be it selling or buying a house, investing in property, finding a tenant or selling your home at auction, Purplebricks is just one of a host of new players looking to grab a slice of the real estate pie by doing things cheaper, faster and more efficiently.

How online investing is changing the Australian property market

Crowdfunding and other online property investment tools could be set to shake up how you buy and sell real estate. Blogger: Jack Quigley, founder and managing director, CrowdfundUP Just as major markets such as shopping, travel, accommodation and ride sharing have been disrupted by innovative online businesses, online investing (also known as social or democratised investing) is now quickly gathering pace around the world, and is starting to gain traction in Australia.

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Diversity The Australian housing market was diverse in 2016 because conditions differed radically from region to region. "At one end of the spectrum we have Sydney and Melbourne where dwelling values are rising at more than ten per cent per annum, while in Perth, values continue to trend lower," said Lawless.

Beginner Guide To Property Investment In Australia | Real Wealth Australia

Investing in propertyhas become something of a national past time in Australia, with most Australians either already owning real estate, or looking to delve into the market. While many people have good intentions, however, only a small percentage of them actually follow through by taken action on their property investing goals.

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