Sales Consulting (Presales)

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Sales Engineers are the technical geniuses that explain how things work during a sales cycle. They can be known as Presales Engineers, Sales Consultants, Technical Sales or Solution Engineers.

Typically Sales Engineers will work alongside the sales teams in technology, information and software organisations to demonstrate and architect the solution or product being sold.

This topic contains a list of resources to help and assist Sales Engineers.

So you want to be a pre sales architect or consultant

pre sales architect or consultant

A Comparison of the Top Four Enterprise-Architecture Methodologies

Roger Sessions ObjectWatch, Inc. May 2007 Applies to: Enterprise Architecture Summary: Twenty years ago, a new field was born that soon came to be known as enterprise architecture. This paper covers a broad introduction to the field of enterprise architecture. Although the history of the field goes back 20 years, the field is still evolving-and rapidly so.

Creating Situational Awareness in the Technical Sales Process

I recently came across this blog from Gartner Group's Hank Barnes on the subject of creating situational awareness inside the sales organization. This plainly has a direct corollary inside the SE organization so I thought it would be good to think about how we could apply that to our own deals.

What's in a name? - Sales Engineer | The Sales Engineer

If you've been a part of a large sales organization-or several-you've probably heard your fair share: sales engineer, systems engineer, customer engineer, (pre-sales) consultant, technical account manager, etc. All of these terms describe a customer-facing member of the sales team that is primarily responsible for recommending a combination of product(s), options, configurations, and services that best address the customer's business need.

The Power Of Customer Stories . And The Sales Engineer

As a former IT Executive, I'll tell you a sales secret. One of the best ways to get your message across is to tell me a customer story. Speaking about other customers, their successes and your experiences makes you appear confident, knowledgeable and authentic.

TABook | Mastering Technical Sales

Sales and Pre Sales Engineering leaders across the world have used the Trusted Advisor label hundreds of times over the past fifteen years. Yet it really doesn't mean that much without a lot of explanation. You may be thinking about some of these questions right now.

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