Woodworking is the activity or skill of making items from wood, and includes cabinet making (Cabinetry and Furniture), wood carving, joinery, carpentry, and woodturning.

The Bench

I was discussing our work with high school students at the bench. Winoregon.org is our non-profit to help fund these efforts. In my chat with a representative from one of the largest construction firms in the City, I mentioned that we help our students bridge the gap between their academic life and the real world....

Breadboard Ends With Draw-bore Pins. Love 'em!

I am often asked about breadboard ends on furniture. I think mostly because they do trim out flat tops and tables nicely and they also help to constrain tabletops to prevent movement such as cupping. The main issue mostly is that the width of wood expands and contracts across its width but so minimally in its length it is barely discernible.

Quick, Dirty & Effective Trammel Points - Popular Woodworking Magazine

When starting in woodworking I couldn't afford a good set of trammel points. I had my grandfather's set, but it didn't lock down well. Then one day woodworker Troy Sexton showed me how he drew large arcs and I realized that I already owned an effective trammel.

Столярная мастерская, массив дерева строительство домов

Изделия из массива дерева от группы компаний Изделия из дерева. Столярная мастерская двери. столы, кухонные фасады от Красноярского производителя под заказ. Погонажные изделия половая доска, вагонка оптовые и розничные поставки.

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